We all know creating meaningful relationships is definitely a big help when it comes to building and maintaining a business. It's the customer relations that keep them coming. Luckily, showing clients that you care is as easy as  logging into your Outlook Calendar (or purchasing a planner if you're old school). Why do you need a planner or calendar? - To pencil in special milestones and events in your clients' life, of course! They really appreciate it when business becomes more than just contracts and the exchange of cash. Letting them know that you remember their accomplishments says a lot. 

Believe it or not, getting the information isn't as hard as you may think. All you need to do is pay attention! People love to talk about themselves. I'm sure if you listen closely enough it will only be a matter of time till that client mentions her high school reunion coming up, an anniversary, daughter's graduation etc. As soon as you hear it, schedule a reminder to follow up on the date via email or card. Show sincere interest. Not only will they be impressed that you remembered, the gesture might nab you a loyal customer and a few referrals. 


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