I may be good, but I'm no magician. No matter how well I write your blog, newsletter, or website content, readers are not going to magically read your writing unless you market it. That means you have to actually put in the effort to make sure it is seen and hopefully well-received. Otherwise, all the time and money spent on perfecting that content will all go to waste. Yes, I know you are busy handling those sales and basically running business. Luckily, I've come up with 25 simple ways to market your writing. Here they are: 

1. Add blog link to your email signature
2. Create a Facebook page for your blog
3. Purchase your own domain name
4. Add the blog link to your Twitter profile
5. Make sure your blog is listed on business cards
6. Comment on other blogs within your industry
7. Submit link to various directories
8. Write guest posts for other blogs
9. Be featured in a podcast
10. Network with other bloggers
11. Participate in online forums
12. Add tags to your posts
13. Submit your blog to search engines
14. Link your blog to your Linkedin profile
15. Write blog posts frequently
16. Update your Facebook status with news of recent blog posts
17. Include a link to your blog in newsletters and brochures
18. Sign up for HARO and respond to reporter queries
19. Participate in Twitter chats
20. Write press releases to announce your blog
21. Practice SEO
22. Add share buttons at the end of all posts
23. Include an RSS feed
24. Write reviews and include a link to your blog
25. Utilize trackback features

Thought of some I missed? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email! 


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