As you may have noticed, freelance writers are a dime a dozen. But a really good one who truly knows how to understand and translate your message is priceless. So why exactly should you hire a freelance writer with a journalism background to do your copywriting work? Let me count the ways...

1. We are good with deadlines
Sometimes certain stories are only "newsworthy" up until a certain date. We're always in a rush to meet deadlines or turn things in earlier than expected. Because sticking to a schedule is our livelihood, you can sleep easy knowing your copywriter will most likely be turned in on time, if not earlier. 

2. Getting it right means a lot to us
Getting the facts wrong can sometimes mean the end of a career for a journalist. We can be very anal about making sure everything down to the punctuation is accurate. Nothing goes to press until every fact is fact checked, double checked and cross checked. The same applies to your content. It won't be published until we are sure it is right. 

3. Research won't be a problem
Write what you know. That's always been a rule when it comes to journalism. Of course, you don't always know. And that's where thorough research comes in. Journalists know what it really means to research (i.e. doing more than a Google Search). Chances are if we don't know, your project will get the same treatment. We'll be willing to research industry trends, history, demographics, and your target audience all to make sure we churn out the best work. 

4. Adjusting voice and tone is our forte
Most journalists work for several publications that all have many different readerships. That means adjusting tone to reflect that of their audience. So if your target audience is the highly educated, middle-class woman aged 21 to 40, we'll be able to write in a voice and tone that can attract her. 

5. We're used to being critiqued
Because most of us usually have to answer to an editor who goes through drafts with a fine tooth comb, we wouldn't have a problem with you pointing out your likes and dislikes of your work. Journalists have a way about leaving the ego behind. After all, edits and rewrites are a normal part of the writing process. We get it!
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