When was the last time you made a decision that wasn't associated with some type of emotion? Whether you decided to pay the bills, watch a particular television show, or cook dinner it was probably inspired by an emotion. They may not all be good emotions, but it was enough to push you to do something. 

We are emotional beings. We rarely make any decision without associating it with an emotion no matter how small it is. That's why if you or someone else were to describe your blog as just "fine," you know you are in trouble. Feeling simply "fine" won't motivate a potential audience to read your blog. It also won't inspire them to bookmark it, pin it to Pinterest, email it, or recommend it to a friend. However, it might inspire potential readers to ignore it. And why shouldn't they? Your blog hasn't given them any reason to keep reading because they already feel fine. You haven't made any promise to show them something that could potentially change their day or lives. 

To capture and keep an audience you need give them a reason to muster up some feelings that will pursued them to read your blog.  Allow them to feel surprised, shocked, inspired, intrigued, etc while reading.  Whatever you do, make sure it musters up a feeling! For example, If you were to write a blog post titled "10 Reasons Why You are a Terrible Parent" and list the biggest mistakes parents make, readers will probably feel intrigued and slightly annoyed by your accusation just by reading the title. Parents would immediately feel the need to click on your link, read your post, and learn what they are doing wrong before passing it along to their friends. 

If you are looking to garner a lot of comments, you may want to tap into controversial posts that will elicit lots of anger. For example, a post discussing why college is a scam or that Whitney Houston was a drug addict who deserved to die, will probably earn you lots of comments defended a point as well as tweets and Facebook shares. 

Want your readers to see you as a helpful and caring person/business? Allow them to feel inspired. Write a blog post that taps into their inner most desires. Tell them about the challenges you faced starting out or how you understand how difficult it is to take the risk of starting your own business. Not only will a motivating and inspiring post have readers coming back for inspiration on a regular basis, but they will be sure to tell other friends who need to be moved as well.

Of course, if you are looking to "move" readers without channeling inspiration you can always fascinate them. A blog that evokes fascination is usually lots of fun. Give them a "wow" factor or an unknown fact to garner attention. It gives readers a reason to associate you with being innovative, "in the know" and on the cutting edge. Plus, it could gain you credibility and lots of attention. Think about it. Wouldn't you take a second look at a blog that fascinated you with an interesting fact such as "80 percent of all cruise ships are refurbished from using old cars." (It's not true... but you get the picture) It's so fascinating that you just have to learn more about it! 

Next thing you know, your readers will practically be begging you for new information. And you don't exactly get begging readers with emotionless blogs. The lesson? Always make sure your readers feel something whether it be curiosity, intrigue, anger, sadness, inspired, fascinated, etc. As long as it's not "fine" you're in business!