Just like business plans aren't one size fits all, marketing strategies aren't one-size either. If you run a breakthrough mom - and - pop shop around the corner you certainly aren't going to target your customers the same way JC Penney would. However, there a few marketing materials EVERY business must have. If you don't, consider it your kiss of death. Having the below items will definitely be a breathe of fresh air. 

Business card- No matter how advanced technology may get, the business card will always be the leader of all things marketing. It won't go out of style. It won't be forgotten. But it may be totally discarded if you don't make it stand out. Add a catch phrase or two, create an interesting title for yourself or just play around with the shape. - Anything to make your card hold it's own in a pile up. 

Web presence - No you don't NEED to have a website, but you do need to have something online. That could be a blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Youtube channel or business website. Think about it. When was the last time you paid attention to a business you couldn't find online? If you don't have any signs of life on the internet, you might as well not exist because you are invisible to the consumer. 

Press Kit - When you do your job well, people will notice. Eventually you will catch the eye of magazine editors and media reps. How upsetting would it be when someone finally asks to see press releases, executive bios, testimonials, etc and you can't produce it? You've potential missed a great opportunity for exposure. 

Thank You letter - Love may mean never having to say, "I'm sorry." But business means always having to say, "Thank you." Think about it. Your clients are your lively hood. As unique as you may be, your patrons could have spent their money at any other business that does the same thing you do. Let them know they're business is appreciated with a personalized thank you. That doesn't mean having a template in which you just switch out the names of the people you dealt with. Instead, send a handwritten note on fancy stationary with a cute anecdote. Trust me, you're consumers will appreciate a well-written thank you and they WILL come back. 

Magnet-  How many times a day do you think you walk over to the refrigerator? On average, I figured I go to my refrigerator at least five times a day. That means getting a quick glimpse of the magnets on the refrigerator multiple times. Some of those magnets happen to be promotional items from various businesses such as restaurants, travel agents, lawyers, etc. While I may not need to contact a travel agent every time I go searching for milk in the fridge, you can guarantee the next time I need a travel agent, I'll know exactly who to call. When consumers consistently come across your business name you will certainly be remembered when it comes time to hire someone of your expertise.