I know many like to think this, but an effective executive bio is not a long form resume. It is also not a place for you to simply gloat about your amazing life. An executive bio is the place where consumers can get to know the man or woman behind the booming business. And if it's done well, your executive bio will make your readers want to do business with you or at least want to sit down for a cup of tea with you. They may even see a reflection of themselves in you through your bio.

Of course, none of that will happen if they don't know YOU and not just your every accomplishment - although you do want them to know why you are so hot! Show your readers what makes you sparkle both professionally and personally. If you are comfortable with it, mention your family and hobbies. 

Mentioning your passion for the business is almost as important as discussing your personal interests. Exposing your passion allows readers to see that you are about more than dollars and cents. Your passion displays the things that make you tick and how your business hits close to home, which is especially important for entrepreneurs. What many don't realize is that it provides the opportunity to dispel any myths and stereotypes. When thinking of big time business owners, most see images of money hungry, greedy corporate monsters dancing their way to the bank. When mentioning your passion, you erase those myths by proving you have a soul that hasn't been replaced with dollar signs or a black hole.

Lastly, you need to include firsts and accomplishments. I know I said the executive bio isn't just a long form resume, but you do need to toot your horn a bit. So if you happen to be the first black women to write a best selling book in your industry or you're the first teenager to have your song translated into 15 languages, now is the time to say it. Of course you don't want to come off as bragging too much so be sure to sprinkle in some words about community involvement if you have any. Consumers tend to think favorably of those who give back to their community in addition to breaking business records. 

After all, prospects don't hire the business. They hire the person.